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Please use the quantity variation to select the number of magnets you would like. The more you buy, the cheaper they get!

These magnets offer a wonderful way to mount a metal sign to a wall or other surfaces. It creates a much cleaner look compared to using screws or nails.

Depending on the size of the design you are hanging, you may want more then one magnet. For small designs (12"x12" or smaller) we recommend 1-2 magnets. For larger designs (24"x24") we recommend 2-4 magnets. With 4 magnets placed at the top, bottom, left and right, It allows for the offset from the wall to be consistent all the way around.

 Magnets also allow for the sign to be swapped out. Some customers like to mount the magnet to a wall and use it for decorating. For example they have a Valentines, Easter, 4th of July, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas metal sign. The magnet allows for them to easily swap between these depending on the time of year by simply pulling one off and placing another on. No hanging or mounting necessary! This method makes swapping decorations out for the seasons fast and simple. Feel free to check out the seasonal section in our shop!

The item you are attaching to the sign must be magnetic such as steel. Stainless steel and aluminum will not attach to the magnet. All of the metal signs we offer are steel and compatible with this magnet system.

We do not recommend using magnets to hang signs above beds or cribs.

Use discretion if hanging outside in an area that is subject to high winds.


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